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What Do Vegans Eat – Fridge Tour

I have realised, that to many people, what vegans eat is a total mystery. Once people discover I am a vegan , their next question on many occasions is always. “What do vegans eat?”

I am always a little puzzled by this question but to be honest – it’s a fair question so it deserves a fair answer

I was at an event in a high end hotel in central London recently and when I asked what the vegan option was ( I had been asked to state my dietary requirement when I booked ) the chef looked a bit nervous. He said he had a nice salad and some roast potatoes to go with it. I politely declined that suggestion and asked if there was a hot food option. The chef said “can to help me as I don’t know what vegans eat”

I also had a similar experience with my Doctor who also asked me “what do vegans eat?”

So to help people who are curious as to what vegans eat I decided to create a vegan fridge tour video that shows you what’s inside my fridge

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