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How To Get Your Own Cooking Show

How To Get Your Own Cooking Show

how to get your own cooking showI have been working in TV, on and off since I was 7 years old. I have been an actress, singer, dancer, TV presenter and model and also a TV cook. I have a TV show in the USA called Kirly-Sue’s Kitchen and I have been doing that for 4 years.

The channel is great and I loved having the opportunity but I have decided to focus on what I really want to do and that is to have my own TV show here in the UK.

I was speaking to one of my mentors ( I have a few) and she said make sure you film the “behind the scenes look” at your journey so people can see what it took and indeed what you have been through to get your own show.

So I have decided to start doing some videos to show you my journey. So I will be uploading the videos to my YouTube Channel (to subscibe click here) The journey will be an interesting one beacause of the following:

1- I am a cook not a chef (and that is the same for Delia Smith & The Hairy Bikers.. so there is hope)

2- I am a vegan so there wont be any juicy steaks but there will be super delicious, lip-smacking vegan-Jamaican dishes that meat-eaters will also love

3- I have worked in TV for years but I don’t have Spielberg on speed dial :0)

So where does one begin with this journey to get a cooking show? Keep watching my videos and you will see the whole process unfold right before your very eyes.

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