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Some Tasty Ideas To Make Your Vegan Sandwiches More Exciting

Some Tasty Ideas To Make Your Vegan Sandwiches More Exciting


Sometimes we can get stuck for ideas on what to put in our sandwiches. The simple sandwich can be both boring, and at the same time it can be exciting if you have some ideas on how to make it a little more interesting. Variety is definitely the spice of life so try out some new ideas when it comes to making the humble sandwich

To vary your sandwich making try to use different kinds of bread. There are so many different ones available these days including:

  • Hardough Bread

  • Wholemeal Hardough Bread

  • Wholemeal Bread

  • Sourdough

  • Pitta Bread

  • Spelt Bread

  • Rye Bread

  • Challah Bread

Be creative with the fillings there are so many different ones to choose from these days, so here are a few to get you started

  • Falafel and sweet chilli sauce

  • Seasoned black beans, sweet yellow pepper, tomato and avocado

  • Beetroot, red onion and sweet mustard

  • Avocado, cherry tomatoes, sweet yellow pepper and lettuce

  • peanut butter, banana and a dash of maple syrup

  • banana and chopped dates

  • sliced avocado and olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and pepper

  • hummus and carrot

  • grilled asparagus with lemon vinaigrette and lettuce wraps

  • almond butter, strawberry jam

So start with these ideas, so you can put some tasty vegan flavours into your lunch box

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