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Do Top Chefs Know What Vegans Eat?


I have realsied that when it comes to knowledge of what a vegan eats, it is amazing that many people have no clue at all. I am not sure what is the answer but I hope this blog will help inform some people on what is suitable for vegans and what is not.

Firtsly I must state the difference between vegans, vegetarians etc

Vegans eat – no meat, fish, dairy, eggs or honey

Vegetarians eat – no meat or fish

Pescatarians eat – no meat,  but they do eat fish

Flextarians – are meat and fish eaters who are happy to have vegan options in a fairly regular basis.

I had an experience recently that has led my to write this blog post. I was at an event recently in one of the high-end hotels in central London. I was attending the event as well as sponsoring the event, so I was supplying content for the goody bags and the vegan desserts.

I realised once I started speaking to the chef that he actually had no real vegan option. This was inspite of the fact that he did know that 10 vegans were going to be attending.

I politely and sensitively asked him what was his plan and he said they can have rice, roast potatoes and some mixed vegetables.

Mebut Chef with all due respect that does not make a meal

ChefI know but if we can work something out we can get some ideas….. can you help me please I don’t know what to make for them

Meok no problem, do you have any chickpeas?

Chefyes we have some

Me  – ok the quickest and easiest option, as we dont have much time, is to make some curried chickpeas. Make it a little spicy but not too much so it is tasty with a little kick

Chef – oh thank you very much, I will do that

The chef was delighted and I had a great time and also some nice food to eat. My surprise is that this Chef is not the exception in fact he is the rule. Many chefs are not taught what to make to meet different dietary requirements. I have been asked by a few chefs now for help with their menus. ….so my quest to help the knowledge of what vegans can eat continues


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