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5 Vegan Things I Liked this week (18 March 2016)

5 Vegan Things I Liked this week (18 March 2016)

Every week I choose 5 vegan things that I like. They can be food, cosmetics, books, DVD’s or it can be a service for vegan like a subscription box. This weeks likes include Custards and Ape Coconut Curls


Human & Kind – Grapefruit 2-in1 Shampoo & Body Wash

h & K

I like grapefruit scented products and this one

is quite nice and smells nice too. I love that the

ingredients include grapefruit, aloe vera, oat,

and chamomile etc.  …..all nice ingredients.

I have sensitive skin and this works fine for me.

 I also like the pretty design on their squeezy bottle,

they obviously wanted it to stand out and it certainly does

(in a good way). I know they have other products in their

range so I will be trying those too and will let you know

what I think of the other products.



Provamel – Soya Vanilla Custard

provamel custard

I love custard and I believe it is one of the culinary

pillars of British society. I have grown up having custard

particularly in school with a lovely treacle sponge.

When I became a vegan I thought my days of enjoying

custard had come to an end. I am pleased to say that

the people at Provamel have created a vegan version of

custard that is very close to regular custard. So now I can

enjoy my cake and custard and I am so pleased yum yum yum.



Whole Earth Crunchy Peanut Butter

peanut butter

Peanut butter is my go-to product when I am stuck

and can’t find any vegan options. I can always find

bread and bananas and that with peanut butter can

make breakfast or lunch for me. I like Whole earth

peanut Butter as it does not contain any added sugar

(don’t know why anyone needs to add sugar to peanut butter anyway)

In addition it tastes so nice, I usually don’t like crunchy

peanut butter but I do like this one as the

crunchy pieces aren’t too big… they are just right.

Ape Coconut Curls

ape cocnut curls

These quirky looking snacks are a nice healthy treat.

They taste scrumptious and have less than

110 calories per bag. In addition they are gluten free,

high in fibre and have no added sugar. They can go

into your lunchbox and I also discovered that

they taste really nice when sprinkled on top of a stir fry.

Ombar Centres – Coconut & Vanilla


I have tried a number of different vegan chocolates

and I must say that some are not fit for human

consumption and I have no idea how the manufacturers

stay in business. But Ombar is the total

opposite… it tastes soooo good.

They have lots of different flavours and fillings too.

All I can say is go and buy a bar today…

please eat responsibly :0) as it is VERY moreish.

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