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Vegan In The Media – Pride Magazine 


 I am in this month’s issue (January 2016) of Pride Magazine. For those not familiar (I know I have an international audience)
it is a glossy women’s magazine, that is sold in most high street magazine outlets. I am so so pleased and grateful for this.

 I have been focusing on furthering my vegan outreach efforts and thank God it is starting

to snowball and many opportunities have been coming my way. All of those early mornings

and late nights are starting to pay off now, woohoo :0)

 Not only am I in this month’s issue, I also have a column in the magazine starting next month.

I am so very grateful to my mentor who has helped me to get this far and I am looking forward to doing more and

achieving more and being in a position to help more people learn more about vegan food and living

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