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Veganism in the spotlight 

The days of the Birkenstock wearing, Crystal powered, tofu eating 70’s style vegan is almost now an image of the past. Nowadays veganism is much more mainstream and attracts people from all walks of life.

 Scotland is hosting the first vegan festival (in Scotland) to celebrate veganism on the 5-6 December 2015 – and it has something for everyone. Cookery demonstrations, exhibitions and shopping, Vegfest. Scotland aims to help promote healthy living through veganism and bring the best of animal-free food into the mainstream. Chefs and nutritionists from all over the world will take part in the event at Glasgow’s SECC.

I fly up to Scotland from London twice next week. I am doing a TV interview & cooking demonstration on STV (Scottish Television) on a programme called The Riverside. Around 10,000 people are expected to attend Vegfest Scotland and it will be a n event not to be missed.

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