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5 Vegan things I Liked This Week 

Every week I choose 5 vegan things that I like. They can be food, cosmetics, books, DVD’s or it can be a service for vegans like for example a subscription box. This weeks likes include Organic Yacon Granola and Provamel Almond Milk. 

1- Yacon Granola 

I came across this because I needed some cereal and didn’t want one of those unhealthy ones laced with lots of sugar and no fibre. So I went into Holland and Barrat and this is what I found. I was a bit dubious about it at first as I had not heard of Yacon before so was not sure what it would taste like. I was pleased that it tastes nice. This speaks volumes as I do prefer homemade granola , this one does not taste homemade, but is a good substitute. Thumbs up to Yacon granola 


2- Almond Milk

I travel and stay in hotels quite a lot and the breakfast is not usually very healthy and the choices for vegans can be quite limited at times or actually all the time to be honest. So my solution is to bring my own cereal and my own dair-free milk. This almond milk is great as it comes in this 250ml size so if you are staying in the hotel for a few days and need the milk on a daily basis then this is great. I can’t buy the regular sized 1 litre one as there are no fridges in UK hotel rooms ( unlike the USA who have a fridge in almost all hotel rooms) 


 3- Violife vegan cheese slices

I gave this to some of my non-vegan friends once and they didn’t realise it was vegan until one of my friends said “the only reason I know this can’t be ordinary cheese is because I know you wouldn’t buy it, apart from that it taste like cheese” Violife manufacturers please take a bow, you get a round of applause from my non-vegan friends… Oh and from me too 


4- millionaire crispie squares 

I got these in my vegan goody box that I subscribe to from The Vegan Kind. These are very nice. A little too sweet for me but overall a nice treat you can get in most major super markets. 

5- coconut milk ( Koko

This is one of my favourite non-dairy milks. It’s not to heavy and not too light. I like coconut so this is great for me to have on my cereal and I also use it when I am  baking too . 

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