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 5 Vegan Things I Liked This Week 

Every week I choose 5 vegan things that I like. They can be food, cosmetics, books, DVD’s or it can be a service for vegans like a subscription box. This weeks my likes include ready-to-eat Puy  lentils and body scrub powder from Lush.


Puy Lentils



These are so handy as they are cooked and ready to eat. I travel and stay in hotels alot and these come in handy for those hotels with limited vegan options ( which is most hotels ). So I just ask for the rice and vegetables and then just add these… Simples :0)

Frys Chicken Style Nuggets


I like these as they are really tasty and great for a main course or a side dish and you can also use it as a starter with a dip. This is just one item in the nice range of products from this lovely manufacturer 

 Body Scrub Powder from Lush 

My friend who works for Lush ( one of my most favourite toiletries retailers) recommended this product to me. It smells really lovely and it is vegan of course.

This is great to use for the bath or shower and leaves your skin feeling lovely and smooth too. I am going to take some of this on holiday with me and when if I have no holidays booked this will make me feel I am on holiday ??✨✨

Schnouggi- vegan chocolate 


I was in a vegan shop in Kings Cross London recently and there was a a lady in the shop eating one of these . She said it was her favourite and it melts in the mouth when you eat it so I had to try one. ( I bought mine first) …. And she is right it’s delicious and it does melt in the mouth 

Organii Shower Gel

I subscribe to The Vegan Kind subscription box every month and this was in this months box. It has a lovely mild smell and comes in this nice bottle with the funky modern pattern. 


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