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5 Vegan Things I Liked This Week

Every week I choose 5 vegan things that I like. They can be food, cosmetics, books, DVD’s or it can be a service for vegan like a subscription box. This weeks likes include Nairn Oat Biscuits and Vegfest Scotland.

1- Nairn Oat Biscuits   

These are one of my favourite vegan biscuits. This comes in different flavours but the mixed berry one and the ginger one are my favourites ( in that order ) they come divided in little sachets so you can pop one into your lunch box . I have a girls night in coming up with my friends and these are definitely on the snack menu.

2- Vegfest Scotland 

I will be doing a Vegan Jamaican Christmas cooking demonstration on Sunday 6 December at Vegfest Scotland. Here is a little more info on this event 

Scotland is set to embrace a whole new world of healthy eating in 2015 with Europe’s prime vegan festival Vegfest arriving at SECC, Glasgow, on December 5th 6th.
The 2 day vegan food fest is part of a brand-new Glasgow-based venture The Only Way is Ethics comprising an eight day festival exploring, promoting and celebrating ethical choices affecting all aspects of living. This joint venture is a result of months of planning and the Vegfest organisers were thrilled to be able to announce an event of this scale.

To get tickets for the event click here 

3- Sable Grapes 

These are my favourite grapes available in the UK. My absolute favourite are Concord grapes but they only seem to be available in the USA

I love sable grapes as they have a unique aromatic flavour and are rich and sweet. I have a sweet tooth so when I want something sweet but want it to be healthy, this is my go-to snack 

4- Veganaise – soya free better than Mayo 


I just discovered this delicious alternative to mayonnaise just two days ago when I was in a vegan shop in Kings Cross London. 

I put it on my chips (fries) on my veggie burger and I am going to use it when I make my falafel wraps next week. This is a very versatile dressing that tastes great too 

5-Vegan Honey Mustard Salad Dressing


For all those who like nice salad dressing but struggle with the vegan options. Then look no further as this vegan salad dressing is really tasty and is good, not just on salads but on burgers, wraps, and you could even try it as a dip with raw vegetable too. 

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