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5 Great Vegan Desserts You Can Buy

I have been asked many times what desserts are suitable for vegans. So here are 5 desserts that you can buy and enjoy.

They can be served in their own or paired with fruit  or another vegan dessert option of your choice

1- Jelly – an age old favourite of many and this vegan friendly version is great. Available in Whole Foods and Holland & Barrat and many good health food shops 


2- Millionare’s Shortbread 

I just recently discovered this gem of a dessert. I am not usually convinced that the free-from range of foods has anything tasty, but I glad this proves me wrong. 



3- Swedish Glacé Ice Cream

I have to say this is sooo nice and is eaten by lots of none vegans too. It comes in other flavours too, if I remember rightly it come in chocolate, strawberry and a couple of other flavours too.


4- Almond Dream Ice Cream

This ice cream is one of the best non- dairy ice creams I have had. My sister is not a vegan and she liked it ( she does not like any of the other ones she has tried) There are other flavours but this is my favourite 


5- Cookie Sandwich 

If you make your way to Coldharbour lane in Brixton in London, you will find this wonderful vegan bakery called Ms Cupcake that sells a lovely selection of cupcakes, cookies and lots of other yummy vegan goodies. The cookie sandwich is very nice and it is a huge sized one that will give you a lovely decadent dessert.   


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