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Vegan Thoughts for the Day

You can become a vegan if you really want to. Reach for your goal, you can do it, let no one or nothing stop you ???✨???✨???✨


How To Become A Vegan ?

Come to a free seminar 

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 This informal interactive seminars answer questions like:

  Do you want to be a vegan but don’t know how?

  Are you bored of eating the same thing over and over again?

 Would you like a list of ten things to know before becoming vegan?

 Do you need a meal planner and some tasty recipes?

 Want to know how vegans get their protein?

Come along to this seminar to get the basics that will start you on the road to a lifestyle that makes such a huge difference to everyone! .. so if you think being vegan is all about boring, bland tofu and buck wheat, Kirly-Sue has some wonderful hints and tips you will LOVE.


I predict in #2016, more people will become a #vegan striving for better #health and less #cruelty #GoVegan


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