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5 Great Vegan Friendly Places To Eat In London 

Eating out for vegans can seem challenging at times, but all hope is not lost, as there are some nice places where you can go to eat in London. I have been to many vegan places in London and I have eaten at all of the 5 places below. I would recommend all of them and they each bring a different flavour to the vegan table. 

1 – Ms Cupcake 


 This vegan bakery located in Brixton is a sheer delight with lots of super tasty vegan cup cakes, cookies, muffins , tray bakes and she even does sandwiches. Fantastic place to go if you have a sweet tooth or want an occasional treat. 

2- 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant 


 This is a small friendly place to eat and they are not just vegan they are healthy too. Lots of people think that all vegan food is healthy but that is not true as there is a lot of vegan junk food. You won’t find that at this restaurant. Nice place to eat and I have had a birthday celebration there before in the past. They have a buffet with lots to choose from and all healthy and tasty. 

3- Loving Hut


If you like Thai or Chinese food then you will love this restaurant. There is a chain of these and fortunately there is one very close to where I live in North London so I have them on speed dial :0) such a blessing. They deliver too, which makes it even more of a treat. I like their desserts and fresh fruit drinks and smoothies too

4- Tibits


Based in central London this nice restaurant has both vegan and vegetarian options. They have a buffet that you use in the usual way but when you go to pay they charge you by the weight of your food 

They have a fair amount of vegan options and nice desserts too my favourite is the treacle sponge …. It’s a healthier version but still has the sweet kick you love

5- Mildred’s


Mildred’s is one of my favourite places to eat. They are located in central London and they do both vegan and vegetarian options.

The are hugely popular so you may have to queue for a short while to get a table. 

The food here is so tasty that when ever I take my non-vegan friends or family there  they did not miss meat or fish  

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