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Vegan meal planning ideas 

Need some ideas for vegan (plant based) meal planning … Or do you just need some ideas on what to eat ? Have you got vegan friends or relatives coming to your house for dinner ? Then look no further because here is a full 7 day’s of ideas on what you can make for your self or your family and friends. 

I made this ideas plan because I get asked this question all the time ….. ” what can I eat?” So I decided to make this handy ideas chart. Feel free to share it with your friends and family

Vegan meal planner ( 1 week of vegan meal ideas)


 SUN – vegan sausages, baked beans, bread rolls


MON – homemade granola with non dairy milk or non dairy yogurt


TUES – baked fruit ( blue berries, black berries, raspberries, apples & pineapple)


WED – banana & ginger smoothie ( banana, kale, ginger, non dairy milk, agave) and a bran muffin


THUR – savoury buckwheat pancakes with tomato, onion and hummus


FRI – non dairy milk porridge with cinnamon and raisins


SAT – whole meal toast with avocado and red bell peppers




SUN – falafel wrap with hummus and tossed salad


MON – chickpea burger in a wholewheat bun with sweet potato fries


TUES – spicy coconut and lentil soup with a wholemeal bread roll


WED – grated carrot and hummus sandwich with celery, cucumber stick and cherry tomatoes


THUR – pitta bread with chopped sausages & salad drizzled with sweet chilli sauce


FRI – mixed vegetable and kidney bean pasta salad


SAT – vegan salami and salad sandwich




SUN – chickpea curry and whole grain rice


MON – vegetable korma with naan bread


TUES – sausage, mashed potato and onion gravy


WED – macaroni cheeze ( mac & cheeze) with mixed vegetable and gravy


THUR – vegetable and bean pie with gravy and mixed vegetables


FRI – cashew nut roast with roast potatoes and gravy


SAT – burgers, chips ( fries) and salad




SUN – carrot sticks


MON – raisins


TUES – grapes


WED – apples


THUR – banana


FRI – dried mango


SAT – dried pineapple



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