5 Vegan Things I Liked This Week ( #vegan )

Every week I choose 5 vegan things that I like. They can be food, cosmetics, books, DVD's or it can be a service for vegan like a subscription box. This weeks likes include lemon and hemp soap and Kinnerton vegan chocolate.     1- KINNERTON CHOCOLATE     I discovered this chocolate when I was trying to find some nice vegan chocolate to make chocolate peanut butter treats . I was not having much success so I called my friend who owns a vegan bakery in London and she recommended this brand. It tastes really good. I am not a fan of plain chocolate so when I use it, I add almond milk and a little maple syrup to make it more of a milk chocolate flavour. They usually have it on sale in Morrison's supermarket but I'm sure it's available elsewhere too. ??????????????? 2- LEMONGRASS AND HEMP SOAP    This soap smells wonderful and besides the lively smell it does not dry out your skin when you use it . I love toiletries so I was delighted when I this. The company who makes it are called Friendly and they also state that the soap contains no palm oil, parbanes  ??????????????? 3- YEAST FLAKES     This great product lasts for ages and is great for when you need cheesy kind of taste. This is good for adding the essential vitamin B12 to your diet. So it's good to use it in as many dishes and sauces where possible. ???????????????? 4- VEGANICITY VITAMINS    I am not a great fan of taking pills of any sort but theses are good for ensuring you have all of you B vitamins. In addition these help to maintain the nervous system and sustain energy levels. Not all vitamins are suitable for vegans do unthought it would be good to let you know that this one is vegan friendly  ???????????????? 5- GOOD SEED - ASIAN SPICES     This 100% natural snack is also a good ingredient for every day use. Made from the hemp grown right here in the UK ....and you can also sprinkle it on a stir fry or salads.