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Carrot Pudding

carrot pudding


1 lb or 450 g raisins

6oz or 175 g or apple sauce

½ pint or 250 ml unsweetened soya milk

1 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp nutmeg (grated)

2 lbs or 900 g carrots (grated)

8oz or 225 g flour

2 tbspcornstarch or corn flour

8 oz or 225 g brown sugar

1 lb or 450 g currants

4 oz or 110 g vegan margarine

¼ tsp mixed spice

Preparation Method

Cream together the vegan margarine and sugar.

Add flavouring and spices.

Beat cornstarch or corn flour with 6 tbsp water and add to margarine and sugar.

Add grated carrots and mix thoroughly.

In a separate bowl mix flour with soya milk then add to the mixture.

Pour into a greased tin and bake in a moderate  oven for 30 minutes.(350oF, 180oC or gas mark 4)

Turn off the oven and allow pudding to cool in oven.

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