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The Vegan Alphabet

The Vegan Alphabet – By Kirly-Sue


A – is for ANIMALS who are our friends

B – is for BE kind to everyone and everything on our planet

C – is for CLEAN EATING which is good eating

D – is for DON’T, don’t let others make you feel bad about being a vegan

E – is for Environment – Environmental issues concern us all

F – is for FUR which is better suited to its owner

G – is for GOD – because God is love

H – is for HEALTHY- healthy is happy

I – is for INTRODUCTION – Introduce your non-vegan friends to nice tasty vegan dishes

J- is for JUICING – which helps to keep vegans healthy

K- is for KALE, which is a must-have super food

L- is for LENTILS- which are versatile and tasty

M- is for MAKE-YOUR-OWN – make as much of your food as you can from scratch

N – is for NUTS – that are a wonderful ingredient for vegans

O- is for OPRAH – she has tried veganism

P- is for PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Q- is for QUINOA – healthy food and tasty alternative to rice

R- is for READ, read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

S- is for SMOOTHIES (join the smooth-ment, green ones are good)

T- is for TOFU – great vegan staple for some

U- is for ULTRA-MEGA-TASTY – make all your vegan dishes ultra mega tasty

V- is for VEGAN SOCIETY – join the vegan society and enjoy all of the benefits

W- is for WATER – water with a squeeze of lemon in the morning is VERY healthy

X- is for XIGUA – which is just a specific type of the commonly known watermelon

Y- is for YOU – you are entitled to choose veganism and feel proud of it too

Z- is for ZOO’S – zoo’s are not always the best places for animals

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