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My Vegan Bucket List


1- Have a vegans only villa in Jamaica that vegans can hire out to have an amazing holiday in the sun. The villa can be hired with a vegan cook

2- Have my own vegan show on British TV ( I have one in the USA at present)

3- Grow my community of vegan followers on social media to 1 million

4- Visit the street in Germany that has lots of vegan restaurants on it
( don’t know where in Germany it is, but I will find it)

5- Visit the vegan supermarket in Germany , I think it called Veganz

6- Have a vegan street party

7- Start a campaign for all restaurants to offer 2-3 nice vegan options

8- Host a vegan version of Master Chef

9- Attend or host a vegan dinner party at The White House (USA)

10- Visit Baby Cakes vegan bakery in New York

11- Visit Ms Cupcake vegan bakery in London

12 – Appear on Oprah’s Masterclass, The David Letterman show and The One Show (BBC ) talking about veganism

13- Convince Ben & Jerry’s, Baskin Robbins and Haagen Daaz to have vegan ice cream options on their menus

14- Produce a documentary that highlights the features and benefits of being a vegan

15- bring out a line of vegan grocery products


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