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10 Top Tips to Help Vegans to Survive Christmas with Non-Vegans


1-Offer to bring a couple of dishes

2- Try not to focus on the food too much and focus more on the company

3- Be prepared to answer questions on why you are a vegan.

4- Offer to help in the kitchen, as not everyone knows how to handle vegan food

5- Make some kind of food type gift (maybe cookies wrapped nicely) that people can take home and enjoy

6- Accept that not everyone understands veganism

7- Fruit is a nice accompaniment to the meal or for snacks as most people eat fruit and its vegan.

8- Ask nicely what is on the menu and how its cooked if you can

9- FACT – Unless you have prepared it your self you can never be 100% sure it truly is vegan

10- Be the kind of vegan you want to see

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