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Premier Inn vegan options


Travelling can sometimes be a challenge for vegans. Not all hotels and restaurants have vegan options and its not always possible to bring all the food you need especially if you are staying in a hotel and there is not much fridge space. There are many hints and tips for vegans to note when travelling and I will cover this in a separate blog post.

I had to travel to Peterborough for a 3 day conference recently and I stayed in hotel. I had to improvise as there were not many vegan options. The hotel I stayed in was the Premier Inn in Peterborough . The hotel was clean and comfortable but the food suitable for vegans was not great.

The menu for breakfast had the following that vegans could eat were as follows:
– Hash browns
– Beans
– mushrooms
– tomato
– toast

Unfortunately the only three things I like are the hash browns, toast and beans so for the £8.75 they charge, I thought it best to not bother. Fortunately I did bring my juicer and smoothie maker with me ( the advantage of travel by car ) so I had a raspberry, banana and blueberry smoothie for breakfast. I added a splash of pure orange juice so it would all blend together nicely

For lunch I had a green juice which consisted of kale, celery, apple , cucumber and ginger. This was a good idea seen as I was fighting off the flu. I did the same when I stayed in a hotel in St Louis Missouri, USA last year. I bought the blender from Walmart  (this is chain of stores across the USA) and it cost me only $20.00  This was great seen as it was a middle range brand and it came with a nice glass jug.

I would do the same again when staying in a hotel as the vegan options have not spread widely across the UK as yet. The USA has better options but they are not necessarily healthy ones. But I know I can always get fruit and juice e.t.c. so that makes a great breakfast where ever you are in the world.

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